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Cheer in the Holiday Season

Posted on December 16 2020

One week before Christmas, the usual frenzied shopping at the department stores is no longer visible. People are spent out, both in money and in cheer. Yet there is humor, just turn on a Christmas flick, or better yet, read Privileged Attorneys, a funny story that takes place right here in Las Vegas. Or make a batch of cookies and decorate them as your favorite characters. One bite of all that butter and sugar will light up anyone's face. Lastly, we can all count our blessings we live in a beautiful, dry, warm climate where snow and rain rarely enter the city limits. Sunshine makes us all smile, makes our bodies and our minds feel great. Go for a walk or just sit outside and take in those warming and comforting rays of sun. Las Vegas will catch up to it's reputation. Make a plan, book a reservation and come enjoy all Las Vegas has to offer in the coming months.


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