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Arlene Krieger BIO

Arlene Krieger was born in Salem, OR. She had a twin sister, Ilene Lacy, and brother, Dr. Phil Perlman. After graduation from North Salem High School, she received a BA in Sociology from the University of Arizona. She married Lloyd Krieger, and moved to Baltimore, MD where she received a BS in Accounting from the University of Baltimore. They had a son, David and moved to the upper east side of Manhattan.  Ten years later, they adopted their daughter, Amanda and lived in the suburbs of Great Neck, Long Island. Arlene began to work for Augustus Clothiers, owned by the Krieger family. She and her mother-in-law began and developed a substantial designer women’s clothing business. They worked in the business for over a quarter century, and then, through illness, and NAFTA, the business closed.  Seeking another career, she obtained a MA in Education, working as a teacher. Once both children had graduated high school, the family moved to Las Vegas where she worked as a paralegal and accountant while writing her books.

FUTURE Books by Arlene Krieger

Watch for "The Biographer" a novel that is spellbinding.


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