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Recent Posts

  • Las Vegas Snow Fall

    Jan 27 2021

    An unlikely event, the northern winds carried in a dark sky and when the clouds opened, we welcomed our first snowfall in over two years....

  • A Winter Day in Las Vegas Hope Has Arrived

    Jan 20 2021

    With the inauguration playing on our video devices, thousands of locals are lining up for our vaccines. Hope has arrived! Casino workers,...

  • Las Vegas in the Dead of Winter

    Jan 18 2021

    Sunday was a glorious day with a high temperature of 68, no wind and a cloudless sky. The sun felt grand against my face as I trekked up ...

  • Another Glorious Winter Day in Las Vegas

    Jan 16 2021

    Luckily our hockey team won their opener. Despite no fans in the arena, it was something to celebrate. It is also important to give respe...

  • Las Vegas and Sports

    Jan 15 2021

    For sports fans who love to watch live games, this is the city for you. Once all this virus is done, there is a wide choice of sports to ...


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