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Christmas Arrives in Las Vegas

Posted on December 21 2020

The sun will be brightly shining and the air crisp and cool allowing for comfortable walks in the fresh air. We will have  perfect views of the cloudless sky and the starlit night. There are Christmas Trees decorating the shopping centers, background carols playing all reminding us that the season is here even though so many of our loved ones are not. Our town became a place family and friends gravitated to for the winter holidays but not this year. The city misses all of you with high hopes that everyone will be returning next year when we will celebrate better and bigger than ever. All those lobsters that didn't get eaten will be bigger and fatter next year and all those evergreens that weren't chopped down will rise another six inches. We are here, waiting for the world to come to our doorstep. Our arms are open and our hearts bursting with love.


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