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Christmas Eve in Las Vegas

Posted on December 24 2020

The sun rose amongst a few fleeting morning clouds. The temperature a chilly 40 degrees but by noon, it will be bright and sunny. Many of us were lucky enough to have the day off to properly prepare for Santa's arrival. Surprisingly there are many evergreens plump with pinecones and many are making a last ditch effort to grab some to decorate the house. Free and fun, a little bit of the outside can bring a little bit of cheer. Three Square is doing an unbelievable job dispensing much needed food for the holidays. The organization is the major source of food for hundreds of places feeding the hungry. Never have so many stood in line for food as this year. With one industry, our town has suffered greatly, especially our children. Hopeful eyes tell a story of 2021 with the advent of the vaccine to make our citizenry safe and bring the world back to our doorstep. It's all here waiting for you! So we will all set our music for Christmas tunes and our videos to Santa and walk through the holiday season with love and hope in our hearts.


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