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Las Vegas Heats Up

Posted on May 12 2021

Our summertime weather has arrived and just in time for those planning a Memorial Day weekend. Come prepared for dry heat and plenty of warm sunshine. Bring a good book, an ebook this time so you can read Privileged Attorneys while basking in the sun by your resort pool. Lazy afternoons, don't mean your mind is turned off. This novel will pique your senses, stir your imagination and lay the groundwork for a grand evening at the casino. So many new restaurants, entertainment modes and lots of people watching. Bring your coolest shorts and tees for the day and a simple sundress or for the men, linen pants with a patterned button front shirt. Look great for your evening out on the town. There is ample shopping at both ends of the strip plus designer shopping inside the malls of the casinos. Have fun and don't forget your wallet or your gratitude to the maid service!


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