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Las Vegas in the Dead of Winter

Posted on January 18 2021

Sunday was a glorious day with a high temperature of 68, no wind and a cloudless sky. The sun felt grand against my face as I trekked up the sloping hills in the northwest with my big doggie in tow. The low range mountains are truly spectacular and brilliantly colorful in muted shades of pink and brown. A  majestic sight to behold. With lots of football games, I ventured to Suncoast Casino and was the only person watching the movie in those all too comfortable recliner chairs. One Night in Miami was playing to a very lonely audience. Despite the rest of the country, Las Vegas is open. And as luck would have it, the local Japanese Restaurant had ample room for a last minute reservation. The city is open, safe, clean and best of all, warm! Come and visit and while you are here read a book about past musicians like Cornell Gunther's Coasters, funny and historical.


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