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Las Vegas Snow Fall

Posted on January 27 2021

An unlikely event, the northern winds carried in a dark sky and when the clouds opened, we welcomed our first snowfall in over two years. Picture perfect, only the evergreens were properly drenched in snow. Our roads were clear and the sidewalks walkable. For a few hours the city looked away from maudlin thoughts and relished what Mother Nature provided. The restaurants are still humming along but limping at best when it comes to revenues. We ate in a local restaurant Bites of Europe, authentic Polish and German food, great for a winter night. It was tasty, cheap and the place was empty. Yet, Saturday night there was a crowd as we waded through the halls of Caesars and took a table at Old Homestead, an authentic steak and seafood house. The food was supreme as was the service and a dining experience you can only have when coming to Las Vegas. May I suggest 

 to keep you company during our few gloomy days.


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