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Cornell Gunter’s Coasters: His Music Keeps Coasting Along


Kindle Edition


Cornell Gunther’s Coasters

The Life and Legacy

As Told by Charlie Duncan

Written by Arlene Krieger


                Cornell Gunther’s untimely death left little to the world’s knowledge of his genius. His family had disowned him and the only person who really knew him was Charlie Duncan, friend, business partner and co-musician.  Charlie was a renown drummer who later went to the frontline and became the “Charlie Brown” of the group.                                                                                                                                                    Cornell, a flamboyant homosexual who hid this secret for years while travelling the world entertaining millions of fans lives on today through the dedication of Charlie Duncan. The music and lyrics created by Lieber & Stoller is recited by a new generation of fans. His character is fraught with humor and antics of an eccentric performing artist whose singing and musical talent was captured in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The movie celebrates his talent, his music, and the secrets he held for a decade. Beginning in Coffeyville, the story traces his life to California where he began to shine in high school meeting artists who eventually became his colleagues. From little known bands, he followed his dreams to New York at the Apollo Theatre, his tours around the southern belt of America, and the world tours. In each scenario the humor and genius of his talent is told through the eyes of Charlie Duncan.                        A one of a kind artist, this one of a kind story will capture and entertain generations who knew the original Coasters and the legacy of Cornell Gunther’s Coasters. People only know his music, not the untold story.  It is rare that a serious story line can contain extraordinary humor, making this a win win at the box office.


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